Our two AudioWalks take you on a journey through Jewish Chernivtsi and Chişinău and allow you to discover many of the cities’ nearly forgotten sites of Jewish life.

Use our multimedia maps, and explore the family pictures, archival material, and personal stories of 21 Jewish Holocaust survivors to get a unique insight into the rich Jewish heritage of these two European cities.

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Monument to the victims of mass shootings in July 1941

Monument to the victims of mass shooting in July 1941

In a forest not far from the Prut River, a monument with a Star of David and a menorah commemorates the 400 Jews who were shot by German troops in early July 1941, in the first few days after German and Romanian troops had invaded the city.

Ghetto and ghetto memorial

On July 5, 1941, German troops occupied Chernivtsi. All Jews had to go to the ghetto […] We were eight or nine people in a small basement apartment, but others were worse off. We were only allowed on the streets at certain times.- Bruno Bittmann