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Memorial to the Victims of the Minsk Ghetto "Tuchynka”

8. Tuchynka

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Alsheuski Street
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Tuchynka was a village near Minsk in which Jews were murdered during the German occupation by the Einsatzgruppen and joined by local collaborators. Mass shootings were carried out in Kalvaryyskiya cemetery and in stone quarries, today the area of Alsheuski Street and Pushkin Avenue. 

Generally, mass shootings were carried out outside of the city to attract less attention. In November 1941, thousands of Jews were put into trucks, driven to Tuchynka, and shot there by the Einsatzgruppen. It was one of the largest massacres to take place in Belarus during the Holocaust. Currently, there is a memorial in Tuchynka for the 14,000 Jews that were murdered there.

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